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Just the Bones


Just the bones comes with 2 backbones, 2 necks & extra leg bones.



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Real Food Ranch chickens are raised without any antibiotics, medication, steroids or vaccines. Their feed source includes fresh grass pasture and a non-gmo, soy free, corn free freshly ground feed. Our land has zero pesticides or herbicides. Along with their foood they do get lots of essential oils and plant based vitamins to support their body systems. We believe that every animal should be treated with respect and raised humanely. We process on site so that we have control and knowledge of exactly what goes in and on their bodies their entire life. What this means to you is that you get to eat the cleanest, tastiest most tender chicken around! We even open our farm once a month so you can come and visit, learn and see where your food comes from and perhaps snuggle a baby goat.

Please bring a freezer bag or cooler.


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