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Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit


Pasture Raised on our completely chemical free farm.
Feed is Soy & Corn Free, non-gmo.
Processed on site to maintain control of no chemicals introduced in or ON the turkeys.

Whole, frozen turkey.  Includes: gizzard, heart and liver

Turkeys are $6 per pound

This is only a deposit.  It is non-refundable but transferable.

 DUE TO PICKUP BEING IN NOVEMBER…and varying pickups choose “Turkey” and any day.  We will confirm exact dates and locations late October

See below for details.

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We will only be selling 50 turkeys as to not over sell. We will be raising more than 50 turkeys so we will be taking a wait-list. If this is sold out please email to get added to the wait-list. 

All of our poultry have never been given antibiotics, medication, steroids or vaccines. All their feed is soy-free, corn-free, non-gmo and tested for glyphosate. They do get lots of essential oils and plant based vitamins to support their body systems. Pasture raised with lots of love, they are allowed to range on grass outside all day long. We process on site so that we have control and knowledge of exactly what goes in and on their bodies their entire life. What this means to you is that you get to eat the cleanest, tastiest most tender turkey around! We even open our farm once a month so you can come and visit, learn and see where your food comes from and perhaps snuggle a baby goat.

This is a deposit towards a purchase of your turkey.  Turkeys will be whole and frozen in vacuum sealed bags.  You can request a weight of your bird such as 10-12lb or 12-14lb.  The breed of turkey we will be hatching, raising and processing right here on the farm typically grows on average a pound a week.  For an example a 10lb turkey will be ready to process at 10 weeks.

Turkeys will come with gizzard, heart and liver.

We will send out an invoice November 1st and final payment is due November 16th.  Deposit is non-refundable but is transferable.

Pick up days will be Nov. 18th-20th.  We will offer Market Street Pick up during the day.  The Woodlands pick up Nov. 19th at 7pm.  A Crosby Starbucks pick up on Nov 21st weekend. Farm pick ups daily the week of Nov 16th.

  • You will be added to a turkey text group to give you updates along the way.

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