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Pork Fat


We are so excited to be able to offer pastured raised pork. The variety of pig is Large Black which gives a tender, flavor filled meat.

You will be purchasing a share of the pig.

We love to make our pork fat into lard.  One of my favorite things to cook with!

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  1. The pigs are humanely raised and allowed to forage on pasture. When pigs are raised in houses with slatted food never seeing the sun, they are fed their vitamins their their food.  Allowing pigs to pasture, they gain so many minerals and vitamins thrive plants and the soil. The quality of food is such an integral part of how tender, flavor-filled, juicy meat. Many cuts of this meat can actually me mistaken for beef because of the dark, rich color.

Please bring a cooler for pick up.

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Small 2-3lbs, Med 5-7lbs, Large 9lbs


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