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I have so many things on my to-do list, summer bucket list, fix-it list, read it list.  Oh my.  Every once in a while I step back far enough to complete something off one of my lists. My kids are not the type to say ooh what other healthy food can I have today 🙂 But they can be convinced to try new things, sometimes.  Things move the best when there is a little forethought.  Forethought for me usually should happen when it is A. quiet enough for me to think through something OR B. when the children are asleep, usually at night while prepping for the next day, which is a joke right now because by brain and body for that matter shut down about 8:01pm- no rational, productive thoughts happen for me.  Full conversations can be had with my husband that I have no recollection of.  I need to figure out how to actually go to bed soon after that because that would be a way more efficient use of time for me. So in the quest to live a healthier life style we have started to purchase most of our produce from a local farm in Brenham.  Once a week we pick up a portion of veggies and fruit and I do my best to improvise meals with new to us, veggies.  I remembered years ago, I think, HEB came out with the food chart for kids but made it fun with eating colored food.  While I get that by eating one of each of these colors by no means translates to eating a balanced diet, it does encourage my kids to eat other foods and quickly becomes a game of “hurry, get me something green to eat so I can fill in the last circle!”  To that I say SCORE! Feel free to download your own. EAT THE RAINBOW Here is a circle chart in case anyone is confused as to what fits in which color category.   I did split up the yellow and orange category to try to squeeze one more piece of healthy into them. I found it at Life Hacker. Food wheel


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